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Got nothing to do! Bored witless! I've got a great solution for you. Relax and while your time away solving these exhilirating and mind blowing Japanese Puzzles.

With 250 Puzzles per Book in Large Print, there's no reason for squinting ever again while you task your brain cells in solving each puzzle.

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Main Features

These are just a few main BENEFITS of owning these Japanese Puzzles.

Fully Customizable

You can adapt the puzzles to your needs. Make any combination that you can think of with the images.

Responsive Design

The .png images are 2422px x 2422px. The .pdf and .pptx files are already in 8.5" x 11" book size.


300 DPI. So you can enlarge or reduce the image size without loosing clarity.

Stop manually creating your Puzzle images

We have done all the hard yards, so you don't have too!

Each Book Has...

250 UNIQUE Puzzles and Solutions (only 1 possible solution)

Start Your Amazon KDP Journey.

HIt the ground running and leave your competitors trailing behind as you create & upload your Puzzle Books without any hassle..

What You Can Do!

You have Full Personal and Commercial Rights to these images. You can customize them to your hearts content..

What You Can NOT Do!

You can NOT resell the original puzzle images to another publisher.


Make sure you really want to purchase the Puzzles and Solutions, as there are No Refunds on Purchases. All Sales are FINAL.